Success isn't just about what you achieve in your life

It's about what you inspire others to do.

My mission is to help thousands of individuals become the very best versions of themselves by bridging the gap between self-development and fitness. By focusing on fitness, mindset, self love and confidence my clients will excel in all areas of their life. They will have incredible self-love, undeniable confidence, an unshakable drive as well as a love for taking care of their body. I am passionate about sharing my story and my personal transformation in order to inspire and motivate you to reach your highest potential.

I will help you achieve the transformation that you deeply desire, be that physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

I focus on combining mindset work with fitness and re-writing how you feel about yourself and any limiting beliefs you may have. Together I know we can make actionable steps towards you creating and achieving your dream life. Are you ready?

I offer 4 packages. All of them are working 1:1 with me so I can devote my time, energy and focus purely on you! I am committed to helping you achieve all that you desire!




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What's Included?

•3 months of VIP 1:1 Coaching
•121 Zoom PT sessions 
•121 Weekly Life Coaching Sessions
• Personalised Nutrition Guides
• Weekly Check-Ins
•24/7 Voxer access

    ecome           verything        ou        ver           anted'.

This is a transformational 12 week journey where we meet weekly for PT sessions and a weekly Life Coaching call (the number of PT sessions is determined by you and the price varies). I create you a 12 week fitness programme to ensure you reach all your fitness goals. The sessions are then delivered over zoom so I can check form and help motivate and push you. These can be done at home or in the gym. In the life coaching calls we dive deep into your mindset, goals, the person you want to be and your dream life. We then determine actionable steps that will turn into habits to ensure you will succeed. This is for those of you who know you are destined for something better and are ready to do what it takes to reach your highest potential.

121 Online Personal Training and Life Coaching

no. 1






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    •12 Week Personalised Workout Guide
    • Video Tutorials with Voice Overs
    •Weekly 1 hour Life Coaching Sessions
    •Weekly Check ins
    • Personalised Nutrition PDF
    •24/7 Voxer access (Messaging App)
    •VIP resources

    This package is for anyone looking to jumpstart their fitness. I create a bespoke personalised 12 week workout guide for you to do at home or in the gym. It also comes with an accompanying personalised nutrition guide, all linked to your goals to ensure success. You have weekly check-ins with me over the messaging app "Voxer" to hold you accountable and make sure you are seeing the results. We then have weekly zoom Life Coaching sessions to help shift your mindset towards fitness and exercise to make it a lifestyle. We will also delve into how you view yourself, limiting beliefs and self worth. We do all this so you can literally create the life you dream of!

    "Master your mindset and you will master your body!"

    Personalised Fitness Guides and Life Coaching

    no. 2

    Download your FREE 2020 Journal Prompts

    Download your journal prompts to make 2020 the best year yet!

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      • 12 Week Personalised Workout Guide
      • Video Tutorials with Voice Overs
      • Weekly Check ins
      • Personalised Nutrition PDF
      • 24/7 Voxer access (Messaging App)
      • VIP resources

      This is for those of you who are overwhelmed with what to do in the gym. There's so much contradictory information out there that you feel overwhelmed and unsure as to where to start. Then this package is definitely your answer! Here we have a deep dive call where you get crystal clear on your goals at the gym and what you want to be able to achieve. I then go away and create a personalised 6 week workout program for you that is clear and  easy to follow.

      Online Fitness Coaching

      no. 3

      no. 4

      Life Coaching

      • Weekly Life Coaching Sessions
      • Accountability
      • 24/7 Voxer access
      • VIP Resources 
      • Journal prompts

       This is for anyone who knows you want more out of life but you have little to no idea how to actually achieve it or even get started. You may even be unsure as to what your purpose or dream life even is! Not to worry.  I help you to get crystal clear on your purpose and what you want to achieve. Then I give you the tools and resources to achieve it. I help you get clear on what you need to do and hold you accountable so that you do it! Are you ready to jumpstart your life and get you that much closer to reaching your highest potential? 

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      Laura encouraged me to do exercise I didn't know I could do! If you had shown me at the beginning what I would achieve I would have run in the other direction. But I did it! It was really hard to find the motivation to do it every day, but with Laura's guidance and encouraging words it kept me going. Alongside feeling immensely proud of myself, I am also feeling so good in my mind (and not to mention what feels like a whole new body!) Thank you so much Laura, I couldn't have done it without you.


      I was surprised on how much of Laura’s program is so personal and detailed, built to compliment each individual’s life. I was worried at first that it would take over my life and I would have to inhabit a whole new routine and diet, but in fact it is built around my working schedule and existing diet. 

      I absolutely love the workouts, having the balance between a challenge but also something I feel confident I can achieve each week. As they gradually get more intense I can feel, (and see) my body changing and adapting to the level of fitness required, giving me such a sense of satisfaction and motivation to continue week to week.

      was also hesitant about the life coaching side to the program, and weary about having deep conversations about my feelings and emotions, but, put simply, what my program does is recognise my thought patterns, and find practical, objective ways to enhance and improve the way I mentally approach things. It doesn’t feel like counselling so much but rather exercising and improving my mind along with my body. 

      And on a side note on Laura personally, I think she’s the perfect coach. Enthusiastic, warm, fun with a chilled and easy approach to everything. She is a fountain of knowledge on the science behind leading a healthier  lifestyle. Couldn’t recommend it enough.


      Having worked with Laura for two years I cannot recommend her enough. She is extremely hard working, friendly and easy to get on with and has good energy. Her personality, attentive communication skills and passion are some of the things that make her a unique professional.