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Natalie's Testimonial:


I want to say a huge thank you to Laura for encouraging me to do something I never thought I would do. I signed up to her #nohaynesnogaines challenge on a whim because I was feeling down and like I needed a change in my life; I was following Laura on Instagram and felt inspired to seize the day! And wow, what a challenge! She encouraged me to do exercise I didn't know I could do!  If you had shown me at the beginning what  I would achieve I would have run in the other direction. But I did it! It was really hard to find the motivation to do it every day, but with Laura’s words of encouragement coming through it kept me going. Alongside feeling immensely proud of myself, I am also feeling so so so good in my mind (and not to mention what feels like a whole new body!) Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you. Bring on the next #nohaynesnogains challenge!

Katie B

" I was surprised on how much of Laura’s program is so personal and detailed, built to compliment each individual’s life. I was worried at first that it would take over my life and I would have to inhabit a whole new routine and diet, but in fact it is built around my working schedule and existing diet. The nutrition pack is brilliant because it is such an in-depth detailed pack, built upon Laura’s research on my existing life and the way my body works, allowing me to understand my usual intake, and clearly guiding me on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. I now feel I have a much deeper understanding of nutrition in general, with a range of ways to improve what I eat, without making huge sacrifices to what I enjoy. 

I absolutely love the workouts, having the balance between a challenge but also something I feel confident I can achieve each week. As they gradually get more intense I can feel, (and see) my body changing and adapting to the level of fitness required, giving me such a sense of satisfaction and motivation to continue week to week.. They are gratifying, intense but compact; quick enough to slot into a busy lifestyle, and they don’t require expensive equipment or memberships. I’ve now got to the stage where I look forward to my workouts each week!

I was also hesitant about the life coaching side to the program, and weary about having deep conversations about my feelings and emotions, but, put simply, what my program does is recognise my thought patterns, and find practical, objective ways to enhance and improve the way I mentally approach things. It doesn’t feel like counselling so much but rather exercising and improving my mind along with my body. I feel I have helpful tools now to know how to bring confidence and focus when needed, and ways to recognise what is and isn’t helpful. 

And on a side note on Laura personally, I think she’s the perfect coach. Enthusiastic, warm, fun with a chilled and easy approach to everything. She is a fountain of knowledge on the science behind leading a healthier lifestyle. Couldn’t recommend it enough."